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In the fourth event in our 'technology demystified' series, we unpacked the complexities involved in striking the balance between flexible demand, distributed generation and storage. This is an issue that utilities, technology providers and stakeholders are grappling with, particularly in the context of the unprecedented scale of rooftop solar in Australia.

Chloe Munroe AO led a lively conversation between Ben Kellison, director of Grid Edge Research for Wood Mackenzie, and GreenSync CEO Dr Phil Blythe. Together they addressed questions around:

  • The scale of rooftop solar in Australia and the severity of the need for additional control by utilities
  • Can batteries or even pumped hydro soak it all up? Should they? What does that mean for cost, material demand, environmental impact?
  • How have other utilities in the US/UK stimulated demand-side management, rate and market reform, and are they accelerating the development of flexibility markets?